VIDEO: Hyundai Serves Up Smorgasbord of 2012 Super Bowl Ads

Hyundai Super Bowl 2012 Ad

Hyundai has been on a tear this last couple years and is continuing on its quest to push around the big boys. This year the Korean juggernaut plans to debut no less than 5 game-day advertisements for the 2012 Super Bowl including the ones featured here. Many of the clips center around American themes, including the Fourth of July, and are a direct shot across the bow to domestic car companies. One of our favorites shows a collective "Rocky" consciousness infecting a Hyundai factory which bursts into a full blown performance of  "Gonna Fly Now." And the new 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo and the Genesis Coupe R Spec get their time in the spotlight as well. Check out the fun fest after the jump…

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