Toro Canyon House is Stylish and Scenic, and That’s No Bull [w/ Video]


California, in case you haven’t heard, has a diverse embarrassment of geographical riches, and the land in and around Santa Barbara is richer than most. Think of it as the Golden State’s Côte d’Azur, and this striking crypto-Brutalist house in the tony Toro Canyon neighborhood is more than a match for your typical Mediterranean villa.

Designed in 2012 by the famed Barbara Bestor and located at the tippy-top of a paved private road, its 4,780 square-foot footprint encompasses four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a huge kitchen with double sinks and ovens, and a dining room with space for 12, a four-zone central heating and air conditioning system and a dedicated yoga room for all your Namaste-centric needs. (No word on garage accommodations, but we’re sure you could put up a nice-sized barn somewhere on the 160 acre property.) Out-of-town guests can crash in the two-bedroom guesthouse and enjoy the estate’s infinity pool which is oriented to provide stunning views of the Santa Barbara Channel and downtown Santa Barbara. Yes, you could buy bigger and ritzier homes for this one’s $8.5 million asking price, but their locations won’t be remotely as spectacular. Choose wisely…

Source: Suzanne Perkins

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