Top 3 Ways to Make Your Vehicle Safer

Many of today’s modern vehicles come with advanced safety systems. But if your car is a little older – from a time before this technology was available – or you have a new car but didn’t want to spend gobs of money on the factory options, there are plenty of aftermarket add-ons available. Here is a rundown of the three most popular safety systems available.

Blind Spot Warning Systems

Even though it seems like a simple task to look over your left or right shoulder to check your blind spot, it is still easy to miss something in the process with a quick glance. Technology can handle this task so much better so that you can stay focused on the road ahead. Aftermarket systems typically include sensors and warning lights that are installed adjacent to the outside mirrors. When a vehicle enters one of the blind spot areas, the LEDs provide a visual alert. Some systems even include audible alerts if you try and change lanes while there is a vehicle in your path. In order to set the system up properly, you will most likely need some sort of custom installation unless you are particularly handy.

Forward Collision Warning

With today’s drivers being extremely distracted by their phones, can be invaluable. While you are looking down at your phone, these systems can provide visual and audible alerts if you get too close to the car in front of you or if something or someone enters your path. This system usually incorporates a small camera placed behind the inside mirror and a small display and speaker mounted somewhere on the dash. Many of the advanced systems can even monitor your speed. And the latest systems are even offering the ability to use your phone as the visual monitor and alert system. Unfortunately, aftermarket systems are unable to tie in to the brain of the vehicle and do some things like automatically brake or activate the horn, but they can still be life savers.

Backup Camera Systems

Backup cameras have gone from being a nice to have to a must have, purely from a safety perspective. Sure, it makes it easier to parallel park, but if you have small children or pets or live and work in an area with a lot of foot traffic, having a . Some entry level systems can be as inexpensive as $100 or as expensive as $800, with add ons such as lane departure warnings. Installation has become much easier with the advent of wireless systems, but if you go with a wired system you will probably want to get a professional involved. Usually the screen mounts somewhere on the dash or to the inside mirror so you can easily see what’s going on behind you.

So, there you have it! Three great options that can substantially increase the safety of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

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