The 15 Oddest Re-Badged Rides

Daewoo Arcadia


When South Korean automaker Daewoo decided to replace the archaic Imperial (based on the first generation Opel Senator but styled to bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the contemporary K-Car-derived Chrysler New Yorker and Imperial) at the top of its lineup, it did not go back to GM for a new platform. Instead, it approached Honda about manufacturing the second generation Legend sedan. A deal was struck and some of the tooling was shipped to Korea and setup in one of Daewoo’s factories to begin production of the Arcadia, named for the utopian garden of ancient Greek mythology.

Aside from Daewoo badges on the grille and trunk and Arcadia lettering on the trunk (Our research suggests that at least some Arcadias were built with “Acura” embossed on the steering wheel airbag covers, which probably confused at least a few buyers whether they had any familiarity with the English alphabet or not.), it was the same as the Japan-made original, meaning a longitudinally-installed 3.2L V6 driving the front wheels. Daewoo produced the Arcadia from 1994 to 1999, at which time Daewoo started selling the Mercedes-Benz W124 E-Class based Chairman made by new acquisition SsangYong as a Daewoo in select markets.

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