UPDATED: The Top 15 Cars for Street Racing


Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

Scion FR-S

When Toyota and Subaru first announced they were working together to develop a new compact, rear-wheel-drive sport coupe, gearheads of almost all stripes were sent into a frothy frenzy of anticipation. And the dynamic oversteery duo – which answer to Subaru BRZ and – depending on the market – Toyota 86, Toyota GT86 or Scion FR-S – were indeed worth the wait in many respects. Alas, power wasn’t one of those respects, as the 2.0L flat-four is pumping out a modest200 horsepower; luckily, there are fixes in the forms of aftermarket superchargers and turbochargers available.

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  1. Fran Radinovic

    What the hell? Where are the Supras? The Z family? The old school 911 turbos (964, 993) and the old mustangs and classic Camaros?
    A Dodge Caravan Turbo? Seriously! A stock CIVIC can do better than that! I came onto this post expecting some real machines like a powerful big block Chev or the high-revving rotary engine. What is this? Soccer moms and billionaires? I don’t know a single person who would refuse the iconic AE-86 and choose a van instead, no matter what condition they’re in.

    • Fran Radinovic

      Bashing supras… I think @[100003928601801:2048:Sandeep] had better get in here lol.
      Pete, it’s not that I disrespect the van. I’m saying that there are such better options out there!! The “TOP 15” sure as hell do not include a van. The FD or Skylines or 300Zs are a million times better in every way. Low center of gravity, built for performance, and have a name for themselves.
      Not that the name matters, but a car gets it name from its reputation, and I don’t see too many caravans pushing 1800+whp. I see them pushing plastic wagons with kids and baseball bats.

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  3. Serge Kulyk

    The Subaru Outback 3.0R is a much better sleeper than the V70R Automatic. God thing you mentioned the 6 speed which is not bad but very rare, the common Auto V70R is incredibly laggy.

  4. Charlie Moscati

    I DIDN’T EVEN SEE THE VAN XD this is a joke right ? or like am I seeing things is somebody really this stupid ?

  5. joel cruces

    i loved that dodge hell car but what about some classics like a gt-40 other than that great car selectuon have a greatbday

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