The Top 20 Craziest Fancy Car Replicas


Volkswagen Beetle to Porsche 917

VW Beetle Porsche 917

Globally, the original Volkswagen Beetle is probably the most popular kit car and replica foundation there is. And one of the most extreme, maybe the most extreme, kit cars ever created for the Bug is Elite EnterprisesLaser 917. As the name and looks suggest, it’s patterned after the legendary Porsche 917 sports prototype racer. As you can imagine, performance is nothing like that of a real 917, but it is exponentially cheaper and more economical to operate.

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  1. Ralph Verspui

    check the suzuki wagon R (2002) and the opel agila (2001) they are almost the same just like the seat arosa (2002) and the volkswagen lupo (2002).

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