The Top 10 Gearhead Documentaries of All Time

Funny Car Summer

Funny Car Summer poster

If ever you’ve wondered how the sport of drag racing looked before the advent of gigabuck sponsors, technical homogenization and a clearly defined national championship trail, Funny Car Summer (released in 1974) is right up your alley. No, you won’t marvel at the bulk of the editing, cinematography or music, but it’s an interesting look at how nitro funny car driver/co-owner Jim Dunn (who still fields a fuel funny car in the NHRA) balanced racing with his day job as a fireman and his family life. And the footage of Jim’s son Mike (who went on to be a successful drag racer in his own right and is now the color commentator for ESPN’s NHRA coverage) and his peers drag racing bicycles is amusing, to put it mildly.

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