Joe Frazar’s Ferrari collection

The Hunter: A Visit with Sports Car Omnivore Joe Frazar [Video]


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In sports car circles, brand loyalty tends to run pretty rampant.Ferrariowners thumb their noses atPorscheowners,Porscheowners stick out their tongues atFerrariowners, andLamborghiniowners like to moon both groups. Okay, they’re seldomthatbelligerent toward each other, but the bottom line is not too many of them play the field with regard to what’s in their garages.

However, Georgia residentJoe Frazardoesn’t limit himself to one marque. He has a gaggle of mid-engine Ferraris, and a homebuilt Porsche914-6 GTclone, to name just a few of his rides. Joe says he essentially buys what he likes regardless of the badge it wears, drives it, and enjoys it. What a novel concept!

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