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VIDEO: Robbie Maddison Makes Dirtbike Surfing a Thing

One of the neat things about extreme sports (as opposed to the non-extreme/mainstream ones) is that they’re always progressing, with participants repeatedly raising the danger/difficulty/overall insanity bar. For example, you won’t see the NBA adding...

Monday Matinee: Grand Theft Gymkhana 3 is Here to Blow up Your Screen

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76JukaHuwH8&list=UUBcSz0X2VSbYHvis-VM-sIQ[/youtube] Last week, we brought you the trailer for DomesticMango’s latest hoonage-heavy paean to Ken Block’s so-viral-Ebola-wants-to-be-like-it-when-it-grows-up video series, Grand Theft Gymkhana 3. Naturally, as trailers are wont to do, it didn’t reveal too much,...


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