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VIDEO: Walking Eight-Legged LEGO Mini Cooper is WTFing Awesome

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_A5VbQgaeo[/youtube] Last year you may remember that LEGO introduced a staggeringly-cool set with all the instructions and pieces needed to build a highly-detailed old school Mini Cooper. Naturally, that act resulted in much rejoicing from...

The Top 8 Best Hot Hatchbacks

The year is 1975, the city Frankfurt, Germany. Volkswagen has brought their newest performance vehicle to the Frankfurt Motor Show: the 1976 VW Golf GTI. The European hot hatch revolution has begun. @media screen and...

2013 Los Angeles Auto Show: The Top 10 Debuts

For most Americans, the waning days of November mean turkey, family, football, and engaging in the animalistic ritual of overnight clearance shopping. For car nuts, late November means it’s time for the Los Angeles Auto...


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