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Review: 2013 Lexus GS 350 F-Sport

The first generation Lexus GS, aka Toyota Aristo, landed in the US in 1993, and was shoehorned between the upmarket LS and the diminutive IS. Despite its design pedigree from the likes of the exalted...

Formula Drift 2012: Six Down, One to Go

When the 2012 Formula Drift season began more than four months ago on the streets of Long Beach, California, hopes for a competitive and exciting campaign were high. Skip forward to today and we reckon...

Wald International Lexus GS F Sport is VIP Chic

Hot on the heels (or at least very warm on the heels) of the introduction of its appearance package for Lexus’ starter model, the spry CT hybrid hatchback, Wald International has pulled back the curtain...

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