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German Special Customs Mercedes-Benz S-Class is Weiss Heiss

The current generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class (codename W222) has reaffirmed the model’s status as the king of the German luxury liners, particularly when you include the new factory-stretched Mercedes-Maybach versions. And because it’s the 800...

G-Power BMW M5 is a Maxi Taxi

Despite all the moaning about electrically-boosted steering, pre-recorded engine noise being piped through the stereo system to make up for the muting effect of the engine’s turbochargers and, yes, the fact that it’s a major...

2016 Audi R8 Sweats the Technik [w/ Video]

Just 10 years ago, the idea of Audi producing a mid-engined supercar bordered on preposterous. After all, Audi parent Volkswagen already had Lamborghini in its stable, and was hard at work on what would become...



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