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Shelby Baja 700 is an Extra-Vicious Ford SVT Raptor

When you hear or read the name “Shelby” in an automotive context, you’re mind most likely jumps to high-powered vehicles with an emphasis on maximizing on-pavement performance. That stereotype makes the idea of a first-generation...

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show: The Top 10 Debuts

November brings shorter days, cooler weather and a massive culling of the American turkey population. It also brings car manufacturers from far and wide here to Southern California for the Los Angeles Auto Show. We’re...

The Top 10 Fastest New Cars under $100,000

There’s an age-old axiom in the motoring world: Speed costs money; how fast do you want to go? The implication is, of course, that if you want to drive something that’s scorchingly fast, you have...

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