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Sub5Zero Fantasy Collection: Marmon HCM V12

When locked in a life-and-death struggle, you don’t act like it’s business as usual, do you? Or “phone-it-in” when wrestling the force or entity trying to kill you? Of course not. The same has often...

The Golden Age of DTM Racing [Video]

Some of the most exciting racing (and coolest racecars) on earth in the late 1980s and early 1990s occurred in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, literally German Touring Car Championship). Cars like the original E30-based BMW M3, the Cosworth-massaged 16-valve Mercedes-Benz...

Amateur Drifting as Seen from Above [Video]

It wasn’t so long ago that high-quality aerial cinematography was strictly reserved for the Michael Bays of the world. These days, however, just about anyone with a few hundred bucks and some technical aptitude can...

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