Supercharge Your Gym Sessions with These Cool Accessories


If you’re into technology and physical fitness, you’re going to love how the two worlds have collided. While you might be used to pedometers, which are great for tracking steps, technology has taken monitoring your body to a whole new level. There are now wearable devices and clothing that can guide your form, help keep your balance, and much more. Below is a cool list of gym wearables you might want to add to your wish list.

Great for Setting Fitness Goals

No matter which fitness club you happen to belong to, setting personal goals is a great way to meet your ideal weight, size, and muscle mass. So whether you receive personal training from the Fitness 19 gym or some other club, you’ll have an easy time showing them your progress and staying on track to reach your goals.

Measure Your Strength


Designed like a typical armband, GymWatch is a tech gadget that can actually measure your strength. Compatible with a smartphone app, users simply input their activity as the gadget which is worn as an armband or on the upper leg. The device measures your motion and then translates it into data using specialized formulas that can essentially calculate your explosive, speed, and muscle strength.

Track All Your Workouts


Atlas wearables just came out with a new wristband. The technology is so advanced that it can detect and measure your motion from three axis and, using formulas, is able to determine what type of exercise you’re doing without having to input any data. It can detect exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, bicep curls and more. What’s also great is the device will calculate your reps and heart rate and will tell you if you’re not in the correct form.

Headphones with Built in Trackers


Who doesn’t through on earbuds to get in the zone while working out? Well now, you can kill two birds with one stone. Jabra Sport Pulse as they’re called is a pair of earbuds with a tracker build into them. The heart rate tracker is located right in the inner ear which then sends real-time information right to the compatible smartphone app. Listen to your favorite tunes on your ultra-luxury smartphone with your high-tech earphones and you’re sure to impress a few gym buffs.

 Measure Muscle and Body Fat


If you’ve heard about the Skulpt Aim, the more affordable Chisel will certainly impress you. It can measure both body fat and muscle quality by simply placing the device on various parts of the body. Ideally, small currents are sent to the muscle and surrounding fat. From these currents the application can determine the quality of various muscle groups. Using the mobile application, users can track improvements and make adjustments to their workouts as needed.

Imagine hitting the gym and having the ability to track your movements, monitor the types of exercise you’re doing, and even record progress in real time? There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals. Couple that with working out with a personal trainer and you’ll be a lean, mean, fitness machine before the next warm season hits.

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