Samuel Aguiar Hope is a Silent Shiny Sensation

For short trips in dense, urban areas, an electric scooter like a Vectrix VX-1 Maxi makes a whole bunch of sense. However, such vehicles aren’t exactly engulfed with style or sex appeal, which is probably why French designer Samuel Aguiar decided to base the metal-skinned personal transportation pill you see here on the orphan American-developed, Polish-made demi motorcycle.

Dubbed “Hope” by Aguiar, the highly-polished, laser-cut steel panels and curvaceous fiberglass nose and tail caps (the latter of which incorporates a snazzy LED taillight) help the scooter cut a considerably cleaner profile than a stock VX-1 Maxi. What’s more, the stock wheels have been replaced with a pair of 17” rollers, so this radical runabout now at least sits like a full-size bike, and Aguiar says it will hit 93 mph and cover as much as 50 miles on a full charge. If all electric scooters were this cool, we reckon the streets and freeways around here wouldn’t be quite as crowded as they are…


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