The Mike Tyson Hangover Mansion is for Sale

If you’ve seen The Hangover (the first movie in the trilogy), you might be surprised to know that the suburban Las Vegas mansion depicted as being the home of Mike Tyson really is his home. Neat, huh? Now, though, Iron Mike is looking to offload the crib that joined him in cameo-dom to a new occupant, and it is priced to move, baby!

Situated in the posh gated community of Seven Hill outside Henderson (just 16 miles from downtown Vegas), this 5,740 square-foot pad packs five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a 25’ high illuminated waterfall in the entryway, a wine cellar, and a lavish second-floor master suite. The backyard, meanwhile, is home to an infinity pool, barbecue, bar, fire pit and pool bathroom. All this and more is yours for a $1.5 million, which might seem like a lot to some of you but, compared to the current values of some homes in the Greater Los Angeles Area (in which Sub5Zero World HQ lies) that lack celebrity provenance, this place is a steal-and-a-half!


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