KAEGE Porsche 997 GT3 RS is a Tempting Track Toy

One of the main reasons so many Porsche purists seem to prefer the previous 997-based 911 GT3 RS to the current 991-based one is the more natural steering feel offered up by the former’s mechanically-driven power steering pump. So why in Ferdinand’s name would tuner KAEGE Automobile GmbH retrofit a 997 GT3 RS with an electric pump? The short answer is improved performance, both from weight distribution and engine power that’s no longer being used to turn the pump.

Of course, KAEGE made plenty of other changes to this green machine, including a carbon fiber airbox, low restriction exhaust, lighter 19” wheels made for KAEGE by BBS and a full roll cage encircling the retro-cool plaid trimmed interior. But the best may be yet to come, as the KAEGE folks say it will soon be bumping the 3.6L flat-six up to 4.3L, which should be good for about 520 horsepower. That should make almost anyone forget about the electric steering conversion…


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