Introducing the Audi S5 Sportsback Grand Prix By Senner Tuning


Audi S5 Senner Tuning AG

Senner Tuning AG, a German aftermarket tuning company, has just released their version of the Audi S5 Sportback which, unfortunately, isn’t going to be coming to America. However, it is going to be available just about everywhere else where the A5 Sportback is sold.

Senner started by increasing the output of Audi S5‘s already powerful V6 engine from 333 hp to 375 hp. The performance boost is achieved by incorporating a new air filter along with some software sorcery. Additionally, a brand new cat-back exhaust system with four tips was specifically designed for their S5. This is the ideal package for tunnel blasting with the windows down—all the way down. However, Senner Tuning AG didn’t stop there.

Audi S5 Senner Tuning AG

Their S5 was lowered by 35 millimeters with a new set of springs. Not only that, brand new 20 inch wheels were put on with 245/30s in the front, and 295/25s in the back. The alloy wheels were chosen specifically with the elegant curves of the S5 in mind. Additionally, the whole car is sprayed in a special diamond black color and topped off with a hint of carbon fiber trim on the inside.

Audi S5 Senner Tuning AG

Unfortunately for us ‘Merikans’, the Senner S5 Sportback is off-limits. As a side note, for those wondering why the Audi A5 Sportback won’t hit our shores, it comes down to some pesky North American regulations on head liners. In the US, the thickness of the headliner material in the cabin must meet stringent crash test rules. As Audi doesn’t want to have to incur ridiculous costs to re-engineer the car to maintain the low swooping roof line, they are more than content to keep this as a niche vehicle over in Europe. For now, all we can do is drool over the pictures sent to us by Senner Tuning AG. 

Source: Senner Tuning 

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