Horizon Yachts FD87 Skyline is a Space Efficient Stunner


What vehicle has a predominantly blue exterior, is roomier inside than its outside would suggest, and is coveted by a whole lot of people? Well, yeah, the TARDIS would fit that description, but we were actually thinking about the new FD87 Skyline from Horizon Yachts.

This fully-enclosed (including the upper bridge) boat presents a smaller silhouette than most in this category, but you wouldn’t know it venturing below topside: The ceilings are high, the windows abundant and the five staterooms (which include the h main deck master suite) are remarkably palatial. And because Horizon didn’t go crazy with the hull dimensions (unless you count the rather generous 23’ beam), there’s not a whole lot of draft or drag for the twin 1,136 horsepower CAT C18 engines to overcome, so the FD87 Skyline is able to cover 1,780 miles at a 10 knot cruising speed and max out at 16 knots. So no, it can’t travel through time but, on a luxury yacht, time is seldom a concern.

Source: Horizon Yachts

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