This Mercedes-AMG GT S Leaves Us Speechless [w/ Video]

No, that’s not a typo in the headline: Despite incorporating many of the same letters in much the same order in its name as Hamann, Hamana Japan (named for the nearby Hamana River, not Jackie Gleason made when playing an at-a-loss-for-words Ralph Kramden) is a very different sort of tuning company. How different? Try “” different! In the case of this ravishing Mercedes-AMG GT S, the master fabricators at the shop also created wider bumpers and side skirts to fit the fatter fenders. Add in the lowering kit and enormous (20”x10.5” front, 21”x12.5” rear) VPS-314T forged wheels from Vossen Wheels and you have a stanced supercar that’s ready and able to wow just about any crowd.


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