Ferrari 599 GTO Hotness [Video]

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There are some people in automotive journalism circles who like to hate on theFerrari 599 GTO. Some begrudge it for not being different enough from the regular599 GTB Fiorano. Still more hate that, unlike the prior twoFerraristo wear the GTO nameplate, it was not created for use in GT racing (The “O” in GTO does, after all, stand foromologato, the Italian word for homologation.). And some even find the 599 GTO’s handling to be unsatisfactory.

To all of the naysayers covered above, we extend an emphatic but polite(?) shut your pieholes. The sights and sounds of this righthand-drive 599 GTO bombing around English country lanes and B-roads stimulate our petrolhead gland like few late model Fezzas can. So much so that we’d happily park one in a garage next to.

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