Extreme Vaping

Extreme Vaping: A Sport For the Next Generation

Not all that many centuries ago, the Earth was the center of the universe.

That proved to be false.

And not too many decades ago, the Earth was considered by many to be flat.

Also, false.

And yet another modern assumption was shattered not too many years ago with the invention of the electronic cigarette, which produced no smoke at all, but relies, according to , on flavored vapor to deliver its contents to those who puff.

This particular electronic device comes with its own vocabulary and also with a set of gadgets, such as the rechargeable batteries, the electronic cigarette with a heating element and various mouthpieces. It also comes with a new form of ingredients, trading in leaf tobacco for flavored liquid, which is often called “juice” or “bug juice” or “vaping juice.”

The juice contains trace amounts of nicotine that “vapor” lovers inhale. Unlike cigarettes, however, there are various nicotine strengths available in a way that could never be controlled by users before. Just like ordering chicken wings at the local pizza joint that serve “mild,” “medium” and “hot” wings, you can buy full strength, mid-strength and low-strength vaping juice, depending on your own preferences. But you can also mix different strengths anyway you like. Just buy full strength vape juice and cut it with one of a lower strength or no nicotine at all.

Needless to say, this kind of control can make all the difference in the world to some smokers who want to quit. But that’s another story entirely.

To understand competitive vaping, however, you have to understand a little bit about smoking and vaping from the point of view of someone who smokes or vapes.

When vaping came along, an unheralded part of smoking was suddenly lost. In the same manner in which “you don’t miss your water until the well runs dry,” smokers who switched to e-cigarettes suddenly realized the secondary pleasure of smoking included the impact of the physical smoke in your lungs. Smoking, to put it one way, feels like heavy air. Vaping, given it is just vapor, feels, in comparison, like very thin air – almost like nothing at all. Suddenly, the physical impact of smoking was gone – that feeling of getting a lung full of something you could feel.

But vapers soon realized that replicating the physical feeling of smoking was easily done. By creating more and more powerful heating elements that were used to turn the juice into vapor, a user could build up the size of the vapor cloud to larger and larger sizes. And given this was a very satisfying feeling that came with some bragging rights. Overnight, the sport of “Cloud Chasing” was born.

Voila! !

All you need for puffing an e-cigarette is a starter kit that runs between $25 and $100. But extremists simply went into their workshops in the basement or the garage and ramped up the amperage on their vaping units with the help of a trip or two to the local hardware store.

A standard AAA battery, which is enough to heat up vape juice and create vapor, is powerful enough (at 1.5 volts) to light up a pen-sized flashlight – a penlight.

If that can power up an e-cigarette, what about 10 times that amount – say a 15-volt power source? That would be something, right? That would be 10 times the size cloud you could produce with the startup kit. That would be “wow.”

Not even close. Wow at this stage in the game might start at 200 watts, which is a whole lot of pen flashlights. One vaping challenger on Youtube has posted a video of him puffing on a 700-watt unit. Most people don’t even own a , which would be too hot or too bright to use in most home situations, anyway.

What happens with a vapor cloud created from a 700-watt unit? The puffer disappears behind a cloud of vapor, and in a few puffs the room disappears as well. Competition is so intense that some puffers make sure to film their pyro-puffing stunts outside in cold weather, to produce even larger clouds of vapor.

And so it goes. Smoking turns to vaping and the vaping public takes to it with a vengeance. An extreme vengeance, you might say.


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