Ducati Sportbikes Get the Morbidly Accurate Art Treatment with “Kill Me Fast” Collection

Ducati 1198 Kristian van Hornsleth

It’s hard to argue against motorcycles being lots of fun. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty hard to argue against them being dangerous (relative to cars, anyway). Whether it’s the fault of the rider, other motorists or some other factor or combination of factors, motorcycle accidents happen, and very, very few of them qualify as “minor.”

So it’s on that happy note that we share with you some wildly painted Ducati 1198s and 1098s with the pronouncement “Kill Me Fast” on their flanks. What’s the story behind them? Are they for sale? Make the jump to find out the answers to these and other burning questions.

Ducati 1198 Kristian van Hornsleth

The redecoration of these Bolognese crotch rockets is the work of Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth, a guy who has also painted a Lamborghini Countach and 10 Morgan 4/4s in similar fashions, as well as inscribed Rolexes with the “F*ck you art lovers” around the rim and, this fall, will lower a sculpture housing animal (including human) and plant DNA samples in the form of blood samples, hair and leaves into the Marianas Trench, the lowest point on Earth. Did we mention he’s an artist? Okay, good.

Ducati 1098 Kristian van Hornsleth

Apparently van Hornsleth was shopping for a Ducati recently and asked the salesman if riding something so powerful was dangerous. The salesman apparently replied, matter-of-factly, “You don’t feel anything when you hit a wall at 320 kph (199 mph to our American and British readership.).” Those words clearly resonated with van Hornsleth, as they inspired him to paint the 10 bikes (presumably an even split between 1198s and 1098s) in the manners seen here, which the Danish artist describes as “futilistic” attempts to investigate and challenge the bikes’ core design. Yep.

Ducati 1098 Kristian van Hornsleth

At least two of these two-wheeled banshees are already spoken for, but the others appear to be available for sale, no doubt at a price considerably higher than that of a stock Duc. If one of the real ones is out of your price range, van Hornsleth will happily sell you posters of them. In other words, you can celebrate the dichotomy between the might of human creations and the frailty of human life no matter what your budget is. And who doesn’t want to do that, right? Anyone? Show of hands?


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