Wednesday Matinee: Chevrolet Takes on All Challengers in this 1963 Film

[youtube][/youtube] The early 1960s was a time of transition for the U.S. auto industry: Tailfins and truckloads of chrome were out, slab-sides and tidy proportions were in. However, the competition to win the hearts and...

VIDEO: Top Gear Gets LEGO-fied in New Series 22 Trailer

Although the recent – and controversy-dogged – Patagonia special provided some needed relief from a long Top Gear drought, the program’s extended-length specials that the BBC premieres during the December holidays are kind of seasons...

VIDEO: Magnus Walker Returns to His Roots in “London Outlaw”

[youtube][/youtube] Magnus Walker is very much a Southern California fixture these days, but he was born and raised in Great Britain. And while the world’s most recognizable classic Porsche customizer may have been born in...


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