Cartier Drive de Cartier Watches are Born from Cars


Cartier is no stranger to the automotive world, having previously lent its name and design expertise to special edition Lincolns. Now the automotive world is providing aesthetic inspiration to Cartier for a new line of watches called Drive de Cartier. Built around a stylish not-quite-circular case made of either polished stainless steel or 18 karat pink gold, these tasty timepieces are powered by the Cartier Manufacture 1904 MC movement. The Drive de Cartier watches will cost you from about $6,700 for the stainless standard version to about $24,400 for the pink gold advanced version (which features additional dials for a second time zone and a day/night indicator). And if your tastes are even more decadent, a pink gold Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon will also be offered for about $96,300.

Source: Cartier

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