Brabus G63 700 is a Screamin’ School Bus


Modern SUVs and crossovers, as a consequence of their primary customer demographic, often get labeled as “mom taxis” and small school buses. This particular Mercedes-Benz G-Class might be yellow on the outside, but it’s far too special to spend its days idling in the loading zone in front of John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt Elementary School. It started life as a G63 AMG, but the Merc magicians at Brabus decided to up the ante even further by installing a bold body kit, redoing the interior with black leather and yellow stitching to match the exterior, and fit the 5.5L twin-turbo V8 with a Brabus power kit that hoists output to 690 horsepower. Sure, some buyers might want a set of flashing red lights for which other motorists are required by law to stop, but we’re not that picky.

Source: Brabus

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