Friday Boredom Break: BMW Films Presents ‘The Hire’ Starring Clive Owen (VIDEO)


Okay, it’s Friday, you’re sitting in your cube at the office watching the prairie dogging, being lulled into a state of fluorescent catatonia. You’ve heard ‘ping’, ‘bandwidth’ and ‘ROI’ 37 times today, it’s not even 10am, and you’re ready to smash your head into your ergonomic keyboard. After that breakfast burrito, you tossed around the idea of doing a little crop dusting to amuse yourself when a lightning bolt of sheer brilliance hits you. Why not check out and see if there’s something exciting to brighten up your day? Well, we’ve got you covered! Today, for a little bit of high-octane-infused, shoot ’em up action, we have The Hire, starring Clive Owen and Gary Oldman.

This is an award winning internet-series consisting of 8 short films produced by BMW Films several years ago. It first kicked off in 2001 and ran until October 21, 2005. It was so successful that the full series was placed on DVD and unveiled at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. All told, The Hire had 100 million film views. But even with all the notoriety, internet video hasn’t really been huge until the last couple of years. Just look at Ken Block, who has amassed well over 100 million views of his crazy driving stunts in a very short time. So, for all those who missed this the first time around, and for those of you who already saw it and are psyched for a refresher, here it is…

Season 1:



The Follow


Powder Keg

Season 2:



Beat the Devil

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