9 Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are officially here to stay. There may be some fads and trends that come and go, but more cigarette smokers have come to find e-cigs are the better option.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. But that’s only one of the downsides of supporting a cigarette habit. E-cigs are designed to overcome many of those shortcomings.

New to e-cigs? Take a few minutes to learn about how e-cigarettes work to get a better idea of how the benefits below are possible.


There are a few things that make cigarette smoking an expensive habit. The need for multiple cigarettes a day means you need to replace packs often. Tax hikes have also made cigarettes significantly more expensive in recent years.

In the long run, e-cigs can be a much more affordable option. Nerd Wallet found that a rechargeable e-cigarette and vape juice is less than half the annual cost of smoking traditional cigarettes – $1,121 for vaping versus $2,569 for cigarettes. You can also sign up for monthly delivery service to save money on high-quality products like and make vaping that much more cost effective.

Multitude of Flavors

There’s not a lot of variety with traditional cigarettes. With e-cigarettes the flavor options are endless. Menthol and tobacco are just the beginning. Cotton candy, passion fruit, wine, rice krispy, Bavarian cream – if it’s a flavor it could be an e-juice.

Today, there are literally thousands of . If you’re the type that likes variety, then e-cigs have a huge edge on traditional cigarettes.

Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes generate . Few smokers realize they’re breathing in formaldehyde, lead and arsenic with each puff.

Vaping with an e-cig is much cleaner. There’s no tar, carbon monoxide or other cancerous chemicals. Research still needs to be done to gauge if there are long-term effects of using vaporizers, but so far e-cigs are the safer option.

Safer for Others

Smoking doesn’t just affect the smoker’s health. Secondhand smoke could impact the health of people who live and work in close quarters. With e-cigarettes there’s a cloud of smoke, but it doesn’t contain all of the harsh chemicals.


Even diehard smokers have to admit that the smell of cigarettes is a drawback. It’s an extremely powerful odor that lingers long after a cigarette is put out. The tar can also make the smell stick to items over time making it near impossible to remove.

Vaping produces smoke without the pungent smell. Oils and concentrates tend to give off a lot less odor compared to ignited herbs. The smell e-juice does emit typically depends on the flavor and has a sweet aroma.

Custom Experience

Many vaporizers can be customized to adjust the hit and smoothness of each puff. Users can choose the voltage, wattage, airflow, temperature and more. Traditional cigarettes don’t give you any options to increase the comfort and enjoyment.

Less Social Isolation

The places where you’re free to smoke cigarettes are getting smaller by the day. Some cities and venues are enacting regulations for vaping, but it’s still far less extensive than cigarette smoking bans. Switching to e-cigs will allow you to continue to smoking in public.

Easy Operation

E-cigs aren’t much more difficult than cigarettes in terms of operation. Once the e-cig is charged, the liquid cartridge can be screwed in and it’s ready to go. Instead of short puffs, take longer drags and let the vapor fill your mouth before exhaling.

Nicotine Control

Last but not least is the nicotine control factor. In addition to flavor, e-juice makers can also add varying levels of nicotine ranging from zero all the way up to 24mg. A major benefit for some cigarette smokers is gradually decreasing the nicotine level rather than quitting cold turkey.

If you’re tired of spending thousands on cigarettes, trying to cover the smoke smell or worried about your health, e-cigs are worth considering. There’s an upfront cost for the equipment, but after the initial investment the benefits are definitely worth it.


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