2014 Porsche Carrera ‘Hurricane’ Rendering by Maher Thebian


2014 Porsche Carrera ‘Hurricane"

Automotive designer Maher Thebian is back at it again… We have been fans of his work for some time now, ever since his creations first started making their way around the Interwebs. Now, he has turned his attention towards the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera, with a bold re-envisioning dubbed the Hurricane. It almost seems to be a cross between the currentTechArt offering and the extreme nature of the RWB 993s.

Maher’s take on the new Porsche 997 involves an aggressive wide-body kit with massive flared fenders, a huge open grill and shark-like front fascia, a large mesh rear fascia with an integrated diffuser along with a ginormous rear spoiler. There are scoops, sills and fins strategically placed as well as a host of carbon fiber bits. The rendering also showcases two sets of deep dish wheels, one bright orange and the other bright green. While it is definitely over the top, it somehow all works very well together.

2014 Porsche Carrera ‘Hurricane"

2014 Porsche Carrera ‘Hurricane"

2014 Porsche Carrera ‘Hurricane"

Source: Maher Thebian

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